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Parents dancers, moved every two years city or nation, from London to Berlin, Rome and Cannes, Lausanne and Vienna, to Boston, Tokyo and more.. ex Principal Ballet Dancer, mainly in German and Austrian Theaters, Choreographer, Photographer, Filmmaker.
Inventor, genius, superman! Forward thinking, self-directed! Strong & attractive personality! Who gives to all a helping hand, but bows his head to no command. No true, only to my master. From shy, sensitive, gentle and patient, to exuberant, lively and exhibitionist. Spontaneous, adventurer & sportive! Diplomatic, intuitive, passionate! Intelligent, original, sexy! Love is my essence, I need it! I follow my heart in every path I decide to throw myself in, determined and moved by immense devotion & feeling! Born revolutionary so no one can tell me how to live my life. I am a zesty individual, having tremendous amounts of energy! I can also be very impulsive, distractive & chaotic. Investigative, curious and extremely active mentally.

...Patterns of marble, rusty metal and cracked wood, just some of the canvas I capture all around us. Small hidden worlds through energetic shapes and smooth shadows, various stories and multiple symbols between enigmatic lights and intense colors depicting these "Abstract Paintings".


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