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... Deni Gostl shows with capacity the fervent desire and suicide of Lady Macbeth in a clear flashlight.
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...Deni Gostl's longing and suicide of Lady Macbeth were clearly flashing
 Deni Gostl brings to this   role (Lady Macbeth) in a 
 convincing way the “Femme   Fatale” together with the 
 desperation of missing   children and the sense of   life of a lonely woman...   powerful language of dance   definitely at the best. 
  - WIESBADENER KURIER 21 März 2005 -  

...through a futile desperation panic in crescendo, the 
Serbian Deni Gostl provides it with fervent movements... 
Gostl as Viera exhibit that they can more than dance, the 
mimic and the movement assembled in one. The two principal roles are brilliantly expressed...

  Dalí und Lorca   

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"...und Deni Gostl as Gala to an inseparable whole, the art of dance at the highest level. Technically perfect gives to her character depth and power.

 Das Haus der   Bernarda Alba 

 staats theater darmstadt  

...deni gostl as a touching Adela and no one else have a chance.

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  ...the gracious strength of Deni Gostl   

  Tout Satie by Roland Petit  

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