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the price for being you

1st project SAE Institute '11


    1. A frenetic voyage through the psychologically and socially turmoil

of a young talented player driven from obsession and greater devotion

towards success into the flawless and arrogant world of Billiard, yet

in dichotomy with his moral virtues and fear of loosing his human



    2. Through hectic sequences portraying constant pressure, vehement

focus depicted by firm daily practice, our dazzling individual who's

identity is hidden, finds himself fighting between the exhausting and

obsessive quest of recognition to the most harmonious scenario

delighted by simple human pleasure, sharing with beloved ones. Few

animated and disorienting jumps through hoops follow this confused and

tired warrior bringing us to a truly staged reality, drifted from

desire to reason. A dark reflection of his in a window gives us the

clue of his rumination about his persona, who he is, what he needs and

where he should go?


    3. Our considerate nature possessing incognito, is moved by dogmatic

persistence and definitely nerdy approach to his profound organized

daily notes made in AutoCAD! So addicted to this "game", that his

first action after stepping out of bed is shooting on his pool table

just beside. Extreme persistence mounted by grueling hours of training

lead him towards drainage of mental and physical self. Inevitable

retreat from society, mostly loved ones, who are found to be part of

the inutile reach to obtain attention they deserve. We hear his speedy

breathing while running desperate... Constant pressure and most surely

unchangingly confrontation with oneself and the others, takes us

through energetic and wild images depicting a state of inner and outer

madness, where perfectionism and simmering resentment manipulate our

concealed character in solemn need of tranquility. Most giving and

sometimes behaving too casually to enable survival among the burning

eyes in the "Arena", ruled by ruthless individuals blinded by the

pursuit of gaining leadership and most tempting, power. Drowned into

delusion, loosing any perception of time or space, presented by

blurred shots, ticking clock, time-lapses... but adrenalin pumping

intensely through his veins sourced by the glorious feeling of

accomplishment is a pricy dangerous drogue.

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